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Arbit Choudhury - 1st B-school Comic Character
Product Description 
Arbit Choudhury is a typical 2nd Year MBA student of a leading B-school. His life revolves around all the daily chores of an MBA. Tests, assignments, presentations, competitions, case studies, net-surfing, chatting, ctrl+C, ctrl+V are as much part of his daily routine as food, drinks, friends are. He often finds himself juggling with the concepts of strategy, logistics, marketing, finance, etc. and tries (in vain) to apply these in real life situations. His wisecracks frequently have everyone rolling in mirth. Perturbed by his penchant for blurting business balderdash, his friends jokingly call him "ARBIT" Choudhury.

He is the first international icon representing the community of MBA students and the managers across the globe who easily identify with Arbit's humorous take on the idiosyncrasies of management world. He is an icon for all MBA aspirants, MBA students and all MBA pass-outs who 'experience' Management funda's and jargon day in and day out.

The creators realized that in today's internet age, the most effective way of reaching comic fans is through e-mail and web, rather than through print media. Hence, they decided to make Arbit Choudhury a full-fledged Web-Comic. The rise of Arbit Choudhury symbolizes the coming of age of Internet marketing. Arbit Choudhury belongs to the generation of new age comic characters, who reach his fans across the world through completely online and electronic means. 
The saga of Arbit Choudhury demonstrates that ICT could be used as an effective marketing tool with a dose of imagination veering towards entertainment. Intervention messages could adopt Arbit's strategy of micro-distribution over a large geographical area to reach the target audience. Comic character and ICT offer immense possibilities for communicating serious thoughts quickly and to a large audience and in an interactive mode. Consequently, the engagement could help in swaying perceptions or peeling off myths and misconceptions relating to health, environment and social issues. It could open new doors for others.
Shubham Choudhury
Hemant Kumar Jain


Andhra Pradesh

986 - 6526005





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