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Category: E-HEALTH
eDOTS: Revolutionizing Tuberculosis Treatment
Original Title : eDOTS: Revolutionizing Tuberculosis Treatment
Media Format : MIS/Web & Mobile
Website :
Producer : Operation ASHA
Language : English, Hindi, easy translated into other languages
Location : Delhi, INDIA
Contact :
Operation ASHA eDOTS initiative is enhancing tuberculosis (TB) control by implementing biometric attendance terminals at its treatment centres. Because patients who default on their medicines are likely
to develop multi-drug resistant TB (MDR), patient adherence to standard tuberculosis medicines is essential. In response to the rising epidemic, the WHO implemented the DOTS program, which requires patients to travel to TB clinics and take their medicines under the observation of a health worker. eDOTS program requires patients to register their attendance on a fingerprint reader when they take their medicines. At the end of each day, the attendance record from every terminal is sent to the database via text message. On the occasion that a patient misses his or her dose, a notifying text message is sent from the terminal to the responsible health worker and supervisor. Once the SMS is sent, the health worker has 48 hours to deliver TB medicines and acquire the fingerprint of the defaulting patient as proof of the visit. eDOTS focuses health consultation on the patients who need it most, while providing indisputable verification that a patient was physically present for the treatment.
The Jury appreciated the fact that eDOTS initiative is the first to apply biometric attendance monitoring to tuberculosis treatment in the country. It was observed that as on date no other TB control system could provide verifiable evidence to back up its TB statistics. The Jury noted that in that context, innovation, transparency and accountability are the strong pillars of this initiative. The Jury also noted that eDOTS is currently the most reliable method of tracking tuberculosis treatment for slum areas. Usually TB symptoms subside after the first two months of treatment consequently patients often fail to complete the full 6-7 month regimen. It was observed that in response to this common behaviour among ill-informed under-privileged patients, eDOTS digitally tracks patient adherence and ensures that patients are physically present to take their medicines. The Jury appreciated that this initiative, now implemented in all OpASHA South Delhi Centres over an year, would be the most effective in areas with minimal resources and that way the project is doing an yeoman service to the health sector.
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