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Digital outreach medium, and Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, blogs, Google hangout, Flickr, Foursquare etc. are playing a critical role by involving millions of people in real time. Social media is the illustrious & most potent democratic tool of empowerment, promotion, participation, commerce, cause, campaign, activism, among others.

Social Media and Empowerment as a special Sub-award of the Manthan South Asia & Asia Pacific Award would like to invite all those organizations and initiatives who are using Social Media effectively to meet their mission and needs.



Jury Panel 2013 : CLICK HERE

Nomination Process : Process at a glance

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your Social media initiative should have at least 200 participants on any of the platform selected by you. For some of the majorly known Social Media platform, kindly note that your initiative should have:
    • Facebook: At-least 200 Likes on the your initiative's page
    • YouTube: At-least 200 Subscribers
    • Twitter: At-least 200 Followers
    • Your Initiative's Blog: At-least 200 Followers
    • Google +: At-least 200 Followers
    • LinkedIn: At-least 200 followers
    • Flickr: At-least 200 comments with each comment from a new account/profile/person
    • Online-Campaigns
    • Please note that for any of the other platforms, the criteria would be similar to the above mentioned, and modified as per that particular platform.
  • Your Social presence shall be more than six months. However, there is no specific timeline for Online-Campaigns.
  • There is no restriction on any business entity, NGO, NPO, or any individual but the Individuals' personal promotional pages cannot be considered.

Guidelines for Social Media and Empowerment Nominations

  • There is no limitation regarding the platforms, cost or channels the projects work with.
  • Please note that a PPT about the project is a mandatory requirement of the Nomination form.
  • Any applicant may edit/modify the details in the Nomination form till the last date of accepting the Nomination form using their credentials.
  • The fields marked mandatory in nomination forms are necessary to fill by the nominee.
  • Any Nomination entry without PPT shall be considered as incomplete entry & will not be counted for the final stage of Jury Evaluation.
  • A Nominee shall consider the following documents to send with the completed nomination form-
    • Presentation (covering information about the project they have applied for) [Mandatory]
    • Brief profile of Producer [optional]
    • Screenshots of website, images, real site photos
    • Letter of Acknowledgement/Letter of appreciation [if any] by any recognized entity
  • All materials received during the judging process will remain confidential & will not be shared with any external entity without the consent of the concerned person.
  • All the materials received [PPTs, screenshots, photos etc.] during the nomination can be used by Manthan Award Secretariat to produce any internal or winning project information/knowledge videos.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Nomination forms must be filled out entirely. Judging will be scored on:
    • Content/Maximum use of Social media platform
    • Cause behind the initiative
    • Involvement of members
    • Popularity among network
    • Growth chart
    • Roadmap
  • Kindly visit the EVENT 2013 page on for the general award guidelines.

Address for any further communication
Manthan Award Secretariat
Digital Empowerment foundation
3rd floor, House no. 44
Kalu Sarai
New Delhi- 110016
Phone: +91-11-26532786/87

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